Friday, November 9

Selling my things - pants and a yard sale

Mustard Sportif trousers by Dress Up (Stephanie Downey). These are so wonderful. I'm a huge fan of high waisted trousers with a bit of elastane. Not only because they are the most comfortable form of bottoms, they are super flattering, can be worn for anything and with anything and are the most classic piece you could own. I bought these recently on impulse forgetting about my holiday coming up in one week so I'm selling them below cost price. Check them out here, there's two days left on them. If you live in Perth I'll happily arrange to get them to you! Otherwise I'll post them for nothing. I can't let these sit in my closet they're too good. (I might even let you have them for cheaper. Get in touch)

While we're on the page of selling clothes, me and a few friends are having a yard sale! If you live in Perth, come around next Saturday. I'll be selling some 'qual' things including Alice McCall denim shorts, a Lisa Ho velvet/silk shift dress and maybe maybe a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs mary jane flats. That ones still undecided. Of course there will be many many many vintaj things going for super cheap.

I can garuntee there will be magazines (Vogues, Frankies, Dazed & Confuseds's's's) and a lot of fabric in reasonable (yes) amounts. Holla at me if you're interested in coming!!

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