Wednesday, November 7

Caring for your clothes

Although I'm not an elaborate spender on clothing, I manage to invest in quality fabrics and trans-seasonal pieces. I don't make time (or enough money) for dry cleaning to maintain my clothes. So I carefully manage my garments. Correctly managing your clothes and shoes means you're caring for them. If you treat them right, they'll treat you right, and will stay with you for longer than you imagined.

Recently I did a big tidy of my sleeping room. Here is how I hang my things.

Jewellery. Display them. You could use a wire hanger or any interesting hanger. This will keep them knot free.
Assorted; blue are from Japan, wooden are made by me, red wooden are from Java, bracelet is my mothers.

Earrings.They are the only pair I wear. I display these too.
Made by me.

T-shirts. Knits warp if you leave the on hangers. Do you notice that quality stores usually fold their knits? You should too. If you don't have drawer/shelf space like me, drape them on hangers.
White is Saba, grey is Nathan Smith and dark grey is American Apparel.

Long things. Knot them at the bottom to keep them from picking up the dust at the bottom of your hanging space.
Dress is Seed.

Jumpers. Like t-shirts. I repeat, fold or drape. Especially if you're investing in beautiful blends like angora or cashmere.
Jumper is Gorman.

Bra's. I decided to hang them - keeping them with socks (etc) is a mess. This will keep them in better condition than stuffing them in your sock drawer, and why wouldn't you want to display nice silk things.
Assorted; Elle McPherson, Calvin Klein, Witchery, Bendon. Hangers are Ikea.

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