Tuesday, November 6

A food post mostly about food

Cooking is fun and it's also quite practical since food consumption is helpful for being alive. I will spend an hour on preparing food if I want to, sometimes because I saw it on the internet and it read to be DELISH. Most of the time I'll only do this for me, but sometimes I'll invite people over for it too. Now that uni is over, indulgent food preparation (and regular blogging!) can happen. Now I'm going to reflect on delicious things I created.

1. When I made mushroom sauce for the first time this one time
2. When I made banana tart tatin and ate the whole thing
3. When I made roast chicken and vegetables (parsnip, pumpkin, sweet potato, onion, potato) last night and invited friends over and we ate all of it

Start exploring recipes! I usually go to these places for ideas - BBC recipes and Food 52. BBC has a great ingredients section for situations like buying too much brie and not knowing what to do with it or wanting to know what you can use blood oranges for. Food 52 is pretty down to earth about food and is nice to scroll through when you're not sure what you're looking for.

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