Tuesday, January 8


I am a week into the year and it has been a fine one. No work, just play. Enjoying many hours with my friends sweating it up in a Perth heat wave. Swim, talk shit, beers.

These images from this blog make me feel so comfortable. When I look for a new home later in the year I want the rooms to have the same light.

I'd also like a feast like this one!

My plans for the new year are as follows. I am travelling solo in May to the Nordic regions as well as to meet friends in Belgrade which is my capital city of Party. I am releasing a lingerie line in March. I am moving out of home in August. I am going to be wise with my cash. I am loving my boyfriend more and more every second and he will kill me if he reads this.

I write my plans down every new year on a big pad of paper. It doesn't have to be a new diary, just drawing paper. And I write, Things I Am Going To Do rather than Things I Hope To Do. You should do this too!

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