Tuesday, September 18

It's sunny out

I've started breaking out in a lil sweat after running for the bus. It's Spring! That means... getting that overdue bikini wax asap, dressing in strategic layers (evenings are still chilly), taking advantage of cool morning runs and SANDLES! Last Saturday it was sunny as hell, 28* I think, so I sat outside and polished my leather things. This includes my stone coloured flats I bought in Amsterdam (I've been wearing them every day since I got home) and my joop! leather tote. I'll post photos of these some time. 

I've built a good collection of timeless materials and labels. 

This includes a coat I picked up last week. By Henry Holland and originally priced at $625. I won't tell you how much I bagged it for but it was nothing. I thought it was linen (thin, rough), but it's 100% wool (doesn't even crease), and it's also hand screen printed and the inside seams are all binded. Mmmm. 

I think this is it... (the pink)

I already got chocolate on the lapel... Also I think I'm newly addicted to San Churros.

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